Monday, April 19, 2010

Wet Felting Projects

Boy, what a day today was! We were evacuated for 3 hours while the police checked out an "incendiary" device, which they finally detonated, later saying there were no explosives in it. Yeah, right! And we had a jumper on 18th, I think on the Family Support building. I wondered if it was a full moon but was told by a friend "no, but Mercury is in retrograde". How many astronomical phenomenon do we have to worry about, anyway? Actually, I fear it has something to do with the volcano, which I understand has turned into a second one now erupting. Bless their hearts, let's all send them good thoughts and prayers.

Anyway, wanted to show ya'll the progress on the scrumbling project. Obviously, wasn't able to get much done today but I think it is still looking pretty good.

And remember the felted soaps we did in December? They are an example of wet felting. Easy, peasy. We are going to do a class in wet felting on Saturday, focusing on flowers.

These are some examples and I hope, barring any further unforseen excitment, that I will actually get some shop samples done tomorrow. They can be used as pins, embellishments for hats or purses, barrettes or even to decorate packages. Call the shop for times and details.
And, hmmmm..............I got nothing except.....cute puppy picture!

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