Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scrumbled Purse Design

I have admired scrumbling ever since the 70's, when it was called freeform or crochet "doodling". Back then it was strictly crochet, never knit. Now days freeform, or scrumbling, is being done with both knit and crochet and is an excellent way to use up scraps of yarn. I have dabbled in it for a few years but have become more and more interested in it as my scrap collection has grown. So I decided to design and embellish a purse for the purpose of offering it in a workshop.

Here is the purse, before felting. It is knit from Skacel's Loft.

And here it is felted. Sorry the picture is blurry, my camera is not working too well (seems like something is always not working quite right!). And the flap is intentionally asymmetrical as it is what I will embellish with my scrumbled pieces.
These are the scraps that I chose to use for the scrumbled pieces.
And these are the first pieces that I have finished.
It will probably take about 8-9 pieces this size to cover the flap.
Our next scrumbling workshop is on May 18. Hope to see you there!

Another Creation with Scraps of Sock Yarns

Our last Yarn Tasting on March 29 offered all sock yarns- 11 different ones, to be exact. This is what the plate looked like.
Some of us made multidirectional scarves. Then there is Moya, who is incredibly creative and loves to knit socks. This is what she created with her plate.
She also knit up some fingerless mitts using the same scrappy idea. We have had such great response to these that we are kitting them up and, in honor of their creator, they will be called Moya's Orphan Socks. We should have the kits ready by this weekend so come in and check them out!

More Dyeing Fun

We continue to have a lot of fun dyeing. These are some of the results from our last workshop on May 11. The first one is a 50% alpaca/50% merino.

This one is Skacel's Trekking sock yarn.
And this is the Trekking Pro Natura with Bamboo.

Too much fun! Our next workshop will be on Sunday, May 25. Hope you can join us!