Friday, July 18, 2008

Indie Dyer Has Arrived

We have just received some brand new hand dyed sock yarn. It is Super Sock by Indie Dyer who is actually the daughter of Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill.

The colors are deep and rich, the yarn has a tight twist and a lovely sheen and it is an assortment, so there are no two colors the same. I envision a lovely shaded wrap or shrug besides socks. So much to do and so little time!

As some of you know, we lost one of our precious dogs to cancer several months ago. Wednesday Rick went to the animal shelter and brought back a new baby.

She is a pit bull mix, 5 months old and not a speck of white on her. She has the sweetest face and the brindle markings make her look like she is always smiling. She loves to jump in our laps (hopefully she won't get much bigger!) and is very klutzy. Any ideas for names?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Upcoming Workshops

As a result of our last yarn tasting, one of our fantabulous customers came up with the idea of using the yarns from the tasting to make a pair of socks, which we called Orphan Moya Socks, after the customer who's name is Moya. These have now morphed into Orphan Moya Fingerless Mitts, which are shown below along with the socks and the cards of yarns that are available as a kit. We also do the Mitts as a workshop, the next one coming up on July 9th.

Our dyeing workshops continue to be very popular and we are finding numerous projects to make with these yarns. This is Carrera, a 50/50 merino silk fingering weight that I dyed last weekend.
I have started Shetland Shorty from with it. It is much brighter than the pattern is done in, but I am really liking it. And I can't begin to describe the sheen this yarn has. Lovely! Our dyeing workshops this month will be on July 13th and July 27th.

I really zoomed through my Intarsia Christmas Stocking. There is just something very satisfying about working with your own hand dyed.
Here it is complete except for the heel, which was done as an "after thought" heel.

And here it is finished. What do you think? It will be offered as a workshop again on July 26th but the pattern will be available on July 5th for purchase.
And, of course, no post is complete without mentioning the furry friends in our lives. On any given day that you drop in you might be treated to one of Bonnie's adorable MiKis, such as Antoinette. Isn't she precious in her stylish coat?
Or you might meet Precious, shop-cat-in-training. She is deaf but it doesn't keep her from "feeling" when someone comes in and going to meet them, if she is so inclined. Looks like she is getting the hang of it, doesn't it?

Hope to see ya'll soon!