Thursday, March 03, 2011

OK, How Many Crafts Can You Combine at Once??

Your creative juices continue to expand and inspire us to new heights. How many things are we doing now? 10? 12? A bazillion (as Sheldon might say)? And how many can you use together? Maybe we should have a contest...... Anyway, spinning continues to blast into the forefront of newly requested crafts here at the store. And, if having beautiful and handcrafted materials, is any motivation, it is no wonder.

Here is my most recent acquisition from Zebisis designs, a Fire Turquoise spindle and some fibery goodness. Now I just need to learn how to use it.....

And I have talked a lot about spinning arte yarnes. Here is one that Vicki spun up that she calls "Sweet Potato" and that I used to create another mobius, which I will post the pattern for shortly. Hey, Vicki, any idea what you are going to call your company?

And nothing new about dyeing with us but thought you might like to see some of the recent results. This is some superwash Kona that I dyed up for Laurel.

And here is the project that she has started. I really like the little pops of periwinkle that are showing.....

This is some alpaca lace that I dyed up for a swap project.
Here is the swap shawl underway.....
And something else that we are doing now is continuing to find ways to incorparate beads into our fiber projects. We have done bead knitting and crochet in the past, but I am now also teaching bead weaving classes and turning them into fasteners for wearables.

Here is a traingle peyote stitch project that will become a shawl pin for the alpaca lace project.

I think they will go really well together!

This is a beaded bead I worked on a few years ago that wasn't sure what it wanted to be. I think it wants to become a toggle fastener so I guess I need to dye something up for it to go with. Maybe some of the new alpaca/silk dk we just got in for a ruana.......

The top piece is a pin I made years ago and the second piece is Mary's first freeform piece. We'll have to come up with something for it to go with.
And we all know that organization isn't my forte so I hired 2 experts to help...

Aren't they doing a great job?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, the spinning craze is continuing to grow. So, while I haven't picked it up yet, here are some things that will definitely keep me motivated!

These are just some of Sosae Caetano's beautiful hand dyed fibers.

This is a hand made spindle
from Zebisis Designs. It is sooo
beautiful that I have to learn
to use it when it gets here!

And here are the girls!!

They are just getting out of the trailer
(and all 6 of them fit in a 2 horse trailer!!)

Checking out their surroundings,

and going over to meet Peanuts, the burro next door. Aren't they darling?

And after getting them settled in, everyone was exhausted and decided to take naps, DH serving as "pet furniture". Wonder if I could bring one of the alpacas in as well? Hmmmm.......

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spinning Goes Wilde!!

Wow, spinning has really become a passion. I'm trying to learn but it is going to take some practice. We have a group who are meeting every Saturday at the shoppe at 1PM for lessons or to just spin together. Join us if you are interested.

Here are some new some new, basic bottom whorl spindles that we just got in. Great for beginers!

And this is an arte yarne I just purchased from dreamfiber/Gerry who was just featured in Knitscene. It is called Koi Pond. Sosae and Vicki are creating some gorgeous custom yarns as well.

And I told Critter that he doesn't get these Koi, so he is hiding his eyes so he isn't tempted. Good Boy!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Arte Yarne Mobius Pattern Link

OK, I seem to be brain dead today and can't figure how to download a pdf to the blog. So, instead, here is the link to the pattern and a bigger picture. I'll figure out how to get it on here sooner or later (probably later....):0)))

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wow, has it really been that long?

Unbelievable. It has been almost a year since I last posted here.
I'm going to try to get rolling again with this and, to that end, the first
thing that is taking hold this year are producing your own arte yarns
and learning to spin. This is an original design for a mobius using Sosae's arte yarne. I'll have the free pattern up in a day or two.

Here are pics of our
first 2 classes and
some of the products
available, especially
now that we have connected
a local fiber artisan.

Here is Moya's hand spun from Sosae's merino/tencel blend as a single.

Nancy's first attempt at hand spinning using a drop spindle and a braid of BLF in "Sweet Melon.
We will having another spinning class this Saturday, Feb 5th, at 1PM. Hope you can join us!

And the girls are all tuckered out from guarding the precious fibers. Poor things, it is a tuff life......