Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Beaded Christmas Ornament

I can't believe that we are in December already! Wow, how time flies. Is everybody hard at work finishing up Christmas projects?
Here is the Beaded Christmas Ornament I designed and here is the pattern. I hope you enjoy it.
Beaded Christmas Ornament

Any fingering weight yarn, about 20 yds
(I used Anzula 50%merino/50% silk and Cascade Super Sock Select Semi Solid)
#6 Dbl point needles
#6 Miyuki beads, 72 per ornament
Glass ornaments, 8" in circumference
12" of twisted cord or 1/4" satin ribbon
Gauge: 4.5sts=1"

YFSSPPB: Bring yarn to front of work, slip next st purlwise, slip bead up close to right needle, take yarn to back and work next st according to instructions. This places the bead on the front of the slipped st on a float.

Begin Ornament:
String 72 beads on yarn. Cast on 4 sts on 1 needle.
R 1: K front & back in each st-8 sts. Turn.
R 2: Purl 1 row.
Divide sts between 4 needles and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist the sts. (If you are comfortable working on a small amount of sts in the round, you can c/o 4 sts on 4 needles, join, and work these 2 rows in the round, knitting the second round instead of purling it.)
R 3: Working in the round, KF&B in each st-16 sts.
All even rnds: Knit.
R 5: KF&B in each st-32 sts.
R 7: *KF&B, K1* around-48 sts.
R 8: Knit.

Begin Beaded Eyelet Pattern:
R 1: *YO, K2tog* around.
R 2: *K1, YFSSPPB* around.
R 3: Knit.
R 4: *K2tog, YO* around.
R 5: *YFSSPPB, K1* around.
R 6: Knit.
Repeat rnds 1-3 of the Beaded Eyelet Pattern.
Knit 2 more rnds.
Work rnd 1 again (eyelet rnd).
Knit 4 more rnds. Bind off. Weave in loose ends, closing any hole in the bottom, if needed. Thread twisted cord or ribbon through top eyelet rnd. Insert ornament, draw up cord or ribbon tightly around top of ornament and tie in bow.

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