Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beyond Socks with Sock Yarns

OK, we are in love with sock yarns! And that is something of a mislabel anyway- we have been using them for everything from wraps, shrugs, hats, shells, ruanas, fingerless mitts and scarves.
Here is the Flat Feet. How fun is this? You knit from a hand dyed blank and the pattern is totally a surprise. And so soft! This is a shrug started from a Flat Feet panel.

Then here are some crocheted ideas. A sock from Tofusies.
A beaded crocheted wrap and a knitted wrap using sock yarn with a lace mohair.

Here is a mitered ruana from Anne.

And here is the crocheted Babette Blanket from IC 2006.

So this is the focus of our first Yarn Tasting of 2008- Sock Yarns and everything you can do with them. It is happening on Saturday March 29.
I would love to hear other ideas of what everyone is doing with sock yarns- especially as the Sox Hot Spot program is starting up. Design possibilities are unlimited and I hope we can inspire your creative juices.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dyeing Workshop Fun

Well, now that I am finally feeling a little less like something the cat hacked up and have gotten all my electronics working together (at least for now), I will try to get caught up on my blogging.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has covered for me and my apologies for missed classes and workshops. I really appreciate all the support during this tough time.

We had so much fun at our last dyeing workshop! Everyone jumped in enthusiastically and wasn't afraid to try experimenting with color.
We will be dyeing again on 3/30. Hope you can join us!

Summertime and the Knitting is Lacy!

Boy, Spring has sure sprung here! We are almost into the 80s already, although at least the mornings and evenings are still cool. As you can see, Precious and Angus are taking advantage of it. Summer will be here before we know it!

What kind of knitting or crocheting do you like to do as the weather gets warmer? I think socks are a great year 'round project but what other kinds of things do you think of working on?

I have always liked doing open, lacy wraps and toppers. Around here, the air conditioning can get so cold during the summer that having something light to wear in the office over a shell or sundress is just perfect. That way, you can take it off when you go outside and perspire on something that is easily washed.

These are some examples of our designs that we have worked on in past years:

Lauren did such a great job of modeling. We miss you, Lauren!

This is the popular Mitered Summer Shawl as originally made.
And this is the re-make that is underway in a new, fresh colorway. What do you think?

This is a beaded shrug also in progress using a super fine kid mohair. It is going to be very elegant yet practical.
The other great thing about these projects is that they are perfect for proms, parties, vacations, weddings or any other special events you might have planned for the summer.

So what about ya'll? What are your planned projects for the coming warmer weather? I'd love to hear your ideas.