Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beyond Socks with Sock Yarns

OK, we are in love with sock yarns! And that is something of a mislabel anyway- we have been using them for everything from wraps, shrugs, hats, shells, ruanas, fingerless mitts and scarves.
Here is the Flat Feet. How fun is this? You knit from a hand dyed blank and the pattern is totally a surprise. And so soft! This is a shrug started from a Flat Feet panel.

Then here are some crocheted ideas. A sock from Tofusies.
A beaded crocheted wrap and a knitted wrap using sock yarn with a lace mohair.

Here is a mitered ruana from Anne.

And here is the crocheted Babette Blanket from IC 2006.

So this is the focus of our first Yarn Tasting of 2008- Sock Yarns and everything you can do with them. It is happening on Saturday March 29.
I would love to hear other ideas of what everyone is doing with sock yarns- especially as the Sox Hot Spot program is starting up. Design possibilities are unlimited and I hope we can inspire your creative juices.

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