Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Sock yarns!

OK, I'm excited!

We have been approved to begin receiving Opal sock yarns.We were able to get our order in for the new Rain Forest Collection and Hundertwasser. Check out their website at We should have these in by Tuesday. Sorry we won't have them in time for Sock Club on 2/17 but we will be able to get them started for next month. And check out the Sideways Sock out of the Hundertwasser. Very different!
See you soon & Sock On!

Hello all you yarn lovers! February 13, 2007

Thank you so much for making our first yarn tasting such a "stitchin" success! I received some wonderful suggestions that will make for even more fun next time. Speaking of which, our next tasting will be on Sunday, March 25, so that you can sample all the fantastic Spring/Summer fibers. It will be from Noon-4PM-this will allow more time to sample the fibers and to view patterns for what you have tried. This will also be the last tasting until September so make plans to attend.
The square needles that we had at the tasting were a hit. We sold ¾ of our first shipment that afternoon and several of you have come in since and told us they really are easier on your hands. This is great to hear and I have ordered more sizes as well as the square crochet hooks and hopefully they will be in before the next tasting.

This Saturday is the first meeting of our Sock Club. The input I have received suggests that you would like to see this as a "Social" event; meeting other sock aficionados, seeing patterns and techniques that they are working on, discussing different yarn companies and trading tips. I would propose this: for a $25 yearly fee, you would get first notification of shipments of new sock yarns, you would get 10% off your sock yarn purchases once a month (maybe on the day the club meets) and you would get free instruction anytime you are working on socks. Of course, we hope that ya'll share your Tips & Tricks with each other as lil' ol me is finding it difficult to make time to learn all the new techniques I'm seeing out there. This week we have a new shipment of CTH Super Sock coming in, a free pattern for it and Lana Grossa Meilenweit should also be in. For a great review on Super Sock check out She has a good website and practical advice. And don't forget, CTH has a design contest started for garments in their Super Sock and we will have all the info on it. First Prize is $1000.00! So start designing. And we are getting a new sock yarn company in but aren't letting the cat out of the bag yet. We will definitely let you Sock Clubbers be the first to know.

This week's Accessory Club is the Cross Over Stitch. I'm making a shawl (of course), but the pattern will be written for a scarf as well. It is a fun, fast knit due to the elongated stitches so come in and check it out.

We hope to see you soon.
Karen, Bonnie, Tierney,
Natalie & Mary