Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And We Have Bangles!!!

Another great gift giving idea this year is customized bangles. We had a hard time finding any here in town that were suitable and reasonable. So we decided to stock some! Even if you don't want to cover them, some of these are realy cute. This is one of the ideas Bonnie will present during this workshop on Wednesday November 19th from 1-4PM. This can be made in about an hour. And you thought you didn't have time to make your gifts!

Anniversary Sale and Gift Giving Ideas

Beginning November 1 we are celebrating the start of our sixth year in business. And we have you to thank for supporting us and allowing us to serve your fiber needs. So, our gift to you is our second annual Anniversary Sale. For the whole month of November all yarns in stock are 20% off. All back issues of magazines are 20% off. And every Sunday we will be putting 4-5 items on deeper discounts. You will have to come in and look for these in-store specials. They will not be advertised. All sales are final on the deep discount yarns and no other discounts apply but these purchases will count toward future Customer Appreciation Program discounts. We hope this will help in creating Christmas presents for those loved ones.

And to further help with Christmas gift giving we are offering several different workshops that we hope will inspire.

The first one on Wednesday November 12 from 1-4PM is a knitted sachet. Very quick, a great stash buster and can be adapted for any stitch pattern you choose. Bonnie made these from Sublime.
The second idea is beaded stitch markers. This will be taught by the very talented Danielle Martinez and the first one will be on Thursday November 13th from 11AM to 2PM. This will also be repeated on Saturday November 15th at the same time. If you don't want to learn to make them, just let us know and Danielle will be happy to complete a custom order for you. We will repeat this workshop again at the beginning of December.
And here is Angus practising his yoga. Can't have any repetitive motion injuries while we are trying to complete our Christmas gifts, now can we?

And We Love Others' Hand Dyed Too!

Since we were talking about hand dyeds, let me show you some pictures of some new arrivals.

This is Schaefer's Esperanza in potluck colors. What you see is what you get! We also have a limited amount of Sock The Vote from Schaefer.

This is a new batch of Indy Dyer Supersock Select from Cherry Tree Hill. Love her bright colors and use of purples, blues and greens (guess what my favorite colors are?).

And here are some more sock yarns from Cherry Tree Hill including indy dyers 2DI4 and a very limited sock yarn from a Scotish dyer. We only have 3 skeins of it left.

We seem to be somewhat fond of sock yarns as well!

Cool Weather Means Dyeing Returns!!

It is so nice to finally get a bit of cool weather and some rain. It is supposed to warm up again some by the weekend but hopefully it won't get too warm.

Cooler weather means the dyeing workshops return on Sunday afternoons. Here is a sample of some of the fune we have had in past workshops.

This is some Licorce Twist that Sally dyed in her first workshop .
Interesting how the twists take on different colors isn't it?

Joyce decided to dye her finger to match this fingerless glove. How much more coordinating can you get?

This is some Trekking I dyed that is being worked up in the Summer Ivy Socks.

Sorry for the blurry picture. I continue to be "mechanically" challenged.

And this is Tempest being worked out of some hand dyed Carrera and Trekking Pro Natura.

Our next dyeing workshop is on Sunday November 16th and we will have lots of new fibers from Henry's Attic to choose from. And you will even be able to get the sale price!!

Hope to see you there!