Thursday, July 20, 2006

Let The Pinwheels Begin

Come in and see what all the buzz is about. We started a fun Knit Along with our friends. We are knitting the famous Pinwheel Sweater for Women and Children by the very talented Shelly Mackie. Here are a few photos of our yarns and our start of this fun fast moving sweater.

This is Lauren's beginning of her abstract Pinwheel using Quellion, Nature Wool, Baby Alpapa and much more. Lauren has taken the pattern and adapted it to her fun style. The colors that Lauren is using are so bright and wonderful. In Lauren's own word "The Pinwheel thing is so addictive". As of yesterday she was on her bind off. She is planning on wearing it to an outing on Saturday. I am sure she will have it completed in time, since she only had the sleeves to finish.

Here is Karen's second version made with Noro Silk Garden and Cash Iroha. This pinwheel will have not only have different fibers but also different stitch textures for an added pinwheel effect. If you look closely you will see the added pinwheel with in a pinwheel.

Here are Kara's yarns all picked out and ready to start. From Noro Kureyon to Karabella's Aurora 8.

And here is Karen's first version of the pinwheel. Both Tori and Gail also started their Pinwheels along with Janet but their photos will be posted soon. Stop in to see what all the fuss is about. Posted by Picasa