Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You always hear about it but never think it will happen to you until it happens. We had gotten a call several weeks ago about 2 phone bills that had gone to collections. We denied having the numbers they told us about and an investigation was started. Then, last week, we received correspondence from a sheriff's investigator advising us that they had busted someone who had our mail in their possession!!!!!! And it had included our SSI numbers! They wouldn't verify who the mail was from but it wasn't anything we had missed. If you don't have a lock box, please think about getting one. This sucks!!

Besides that, things are going well. Do I need to discuss the weather? Probably not, as I don't think anyone but me enjoys this kind of weather. I luv it!!!And we certainly needed the rain. So here is what is going on this week.

We received lots of new yarns from Karabella. This is a sample of Aurora 8.
Then we received Hiya Hiya and Denise needles. The funest (is that a word?) thing are the newest Turkish Spindles. Absolutely beautiful!!!! It is no wonder he is back ordered for weeks. 4 of them are already spoken for, sight unseen. I'll definitely be carrying these in greater quantity in the future.

And this is my " Different Ripple Scarf" pattern that I am in the process of revising. We hope to have a new version copy up in the next week, as well as a new Hounds tooth Felted Bag pattern.

And one more comment about the weather. Everyone wants to compain about it but, actually. doesn't the view make the difference?How green is this?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yarny Goddess Works in Mysterious Ways!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to TNNA and was very disappointed about it. However, Sabrina and Laura of Anzula Yarns came by on their way home from TNNA, where Sabrina did awesomely by the way!!, and allowed me to "shop" from her inventory from the show!!

Whoopee!! Color me happy!!! The shop is, once again, full of Anzula.

Sabrina has developed a new line of semi solid colors which are gorgeous and we are the first shop to have them along with her varigateds! I really wiped her out of these semi solids. We bought 4 different lace weights, 4 different fingering weights, some rovings and 2 DK weights. And Paige is working up a a design for a cabled shawl using one of the fingerings which is looking beautiful! She hopes to have it written up soon and, if it is finished, Sabrina is going to take it with her to Stitches West! Way to go Paige!
Come check it all out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Projects and Giving in the New Year

Greetings, Happy Fiberholics!

How is everyone's New Year going thus far? In keeping with my intentions for this year, I am busy working on Creative Critters 4 Luv, my pet afghans that I will sell and donate the proceeds to various pet rescue organizations. As soon as I get some of these done, I will be starting a website for them and will post pictures for anyone interested. I will also take special orders for specific colors and will donate some to local organizations to sell for themselves. Will keep you posted.

We will continue to have 1 day a month devoted to Project Linus. This month it will be Saturday, January 23 from 1-4PM. We will offer ideas, free patterns and free instructions for anyone who wishes to work a project for them. Hope you can join us.

We will also be collecting hats for CBCC until January 31. Anyone who donates a hat will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate. One entry per hat.

And here are some of the new projects we are working on. This is the Three Tams from knitty.
We used 1 skein of Aurora 8 and 1 skein of Silk Garden. This was a well written pattern, with 3 different designs. It is done with worsted weight yarns on a #6 needle so it goes much faster than many of the current hat patterns that are using fingering yarns on very small needles so it is a great first stranding project.

This is the Blooming Bud shawl from Jojoland using just 2 colors of Melody.
Melody is a great alternative to some of the Noro yarns. Long color repeats, very soft and good price point. This is a fun, 4 row pattern stitch and don't you just luv the texture? It looks much harder than it is!

And, of course, my gratuitous pet picture. Here Rufus, who now weighs about 13 pounds,

is trying to squeeze into Angus' bed. Angus weighs maybe 6 pounds. Rufus has fallen out of it twice now. I guess I should break down and make him a Kitty Pi bed!