Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Tams Calss

We had a lot of fun during the Three Tams class on Monday. The 3 Js (Jan, Jane and Judy) and Bev all took to the stranded work really well and picked some delightful colors.

Here is Judy's first one. She is going to make 2.

Here is Jane's. I luv the greens!

Bev is allergic to wool, bless her heart, so she is using Lana Grossa Organica for her solid and Twisted Sisters Mirage for her varigated.

Jan working on the corregated rib.

Fun was had by all! I can't wait to see them all finished.

And, of course, everyone is aware of how much I am enjoying this weather. Mandy is also enjoying it and takes the time to play jungle cat, stalking game in the tall grass.
Hope she doesn't bring it in the house!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Woven Ruffled Felted Scarf Completed

We have been doing a lot of weaving recently and the latest design, as promised, is a Woven Ruffled Felted Scarf. Here Jaime is warping with Indulgence, using a 5 dpi heddle.

After warping, we will be weaving with some more Oceania and Kureyon

again using the clasped weft technique.

The finished woven piece is 80" X 9".

Here all the ends are woven in and it has been gathered to 60". Critter gives it his approval.

And here it is after felting.The finished measurements are 55" X 5".

Angus obviously approves also.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flower Power Elephant Finished

When I started this project, I picked yarn that went well with the blanket colors. This was an Angus, my scottish fold cat, "project"- in other words, he had made a nest out of it. So I decided to use it but it was a felting wool, so I knew the project would need to be felted.

Here she is done and ready to be felted.
And here she is post felting.

Obviously, the moral is not everything looks better felted. I'll keep this as a shop sample and make another one for the Project Linus pocket blanket because it really is a cute, fun pattern.
And Angus is pouting because I took away his "project". Poor Boy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wow! Needlefelting!

OK, this is pretty cool if you haven't been hearing about it. It takes small amounts of loose wool, some very sharp, barbed needles and some time. You can be extremely creative, it is a small project that is easy to work on in the summer and makes great little gifts. Having said that, check out these felted bowls here, here, these felted cherries, a ladybug, well, you get the idea. And our friend, knottyknitter40/Darcy just decided to try it one day and has created some darling things. Check them out here ( not everything is needle felting). I just luv the blue sheep!!

Of course, I decided to start with a cat and a kit.
Here is the body before any needling.

Here is the body when I was satisfied with the solidness.
Here I have added the "belly". I am still working on the head. I'm not finding it as easy as everyone makes it look. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!! I'll keep you updated.
If you want to try it we have some new Ashford kits in that include everything needed for your first project, a beagle and butterflies. As soon as I finish my cat I want to try the butterflies.

Or Ashford has also put out a kit that has the base, 4 different size needles, 15 different colors of merino rovings and the marvelous new Ashford Needle Felting Book by Barbara Allen. It is a great way to get started if you don't have any scraps (yeah, right!).

And if you are already into this craft and are making big projects, check out this Ashford Needle Felting Punch. This is a very cool gadget, comes with 5 needles that store in the handle when not being used and the needles can be re-ordered.

I think it is going to be a fun summer activity!

Keyhole Scarf Completed

Well, this was a fast, fun project. And, as I mentioned earlier, it made great use of fibers left from previous projects. So, here are the steps to produce this:

Here is the finished strip. It measures approximately 4" X 90".

The kids obviously approve it.

Here I folded it in half lengthwise and marked where I wanted the keyhole.

And here it is sewn, washed and blocked.

Isn't it rich? I luv the way the textures worked together to produce a deep, eclectic look. However, next time I would make it slightly narrower and a little bit longer.

Up next: I am designing a Woven Ruffled Felted Scarf using the same technique. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Progress on Elephant and Woven Keyhole Scarf

Here is the progress on my Flower Power Elephant for Project Linus. I have a body, 2 ears and 2 legs. I need 2 more legs, then I'll embroider eyes and some flowers on her and then I am going to felt mine. Should have the finished product in a few days and I will be working on the pocket blanket Saturday to fit this little girl.

This is called a Woven Keyhole Scarf which I started today.

This is the schematic for assembly. It is similar to a knitted buttonhole scarf.
I warped using solid green Heritage and Santa Fe in Jungle Rain.
I am using a technique called Clasped-Weft which allows you to use 2 different yarns to create either a symmetrical or a free form pattern. Obviously, I'm doing some free forming. I started weaving with the Santa Fe and a Drop Spindle Brushed mohair that was left on the shuttle from a previous project.
When I ran out of the mohair that was on the shuttle, I started to add more mohair but then remembered some Oceania in Spanish Moss that we also had left from a previous project. It is a 100% wool boucle with a strand of lurex that gives it a marvelous purlescent component that, unfortunately doesn't show up in the pictures, although you can see it a little bit in the skein in the upper right hand corner. So off I went with the Oceania.
It doesn't exactly match, but it coordinates well. And the boucle weaves fabulously! Add to that the purlescent element and it is really very cool. I got half of it woven today and may be able to finish the weaving tomorrow then begin the assembly. Stay tuned.

All this planning and weaving just wiped Phoebe out, so she is doing doggie stretches and doggie naps to be ready for the next stage.
Wish I could get that relaxed!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Ideas

What a plethera of Valentine day ideas! Here are some simple ones, some different ones and some that are great as gifts.

First , a few ideas for our crocheting friends. These are all free patterns that can be found at Crochet Pattern Central.

Of course, there are always great dishclothes that can be finished quickly.

There are a number of heart based sock patterns. I thought this one was interesting for the "shadow effect" Anyone knit any shadow socks? It might be a great new workshop.

This is the elephant that I am making for the next Project Linus pocket blanket. He would make a great Valentine's Day gift by embroidering hearts on him instead of flowers.

This is the "Sweethearts Scarf"- very cute and interesting technique. The pattern is on Knitting Pattern Central.What do you think about this heart? It is interesting for anyone in the health field, don't you think? Pattern is at

Then this is my design "Every Occasion Drawstring Bag". I'm not a very good photographer, but it is a cute, med size felted bucket bag with a long drawstring. The idea was that I would then create adornments to attatch for each holiday. These are the heart adornaments
which also make good kitty toys for kitties who aren't too uppity to play with them. Critter obviously thinks it is his due- maybe a good behavior medal. Yeah.........
I got stymied last year in trying to produce shamrocks for the next holiday. But I know what I will do to produce them this year-needlefelting!! Watch for it. If it works out the way I think it will, it will also be a class.
Happy Valentine's Day and Opening Olympic Weekend!