Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Ideas

What a plethera of Valentine day ideas! Here are some simple ones, some different ones and some that are great as gifts.

First , a few ideas for our crocheting friends. These are all free patterns that can be found at Crochet Pattern Central.

Of course, there are always great dishclothes that can be finished quickly.

There are a number of heart based sock patterns. I thought this one was interesting for the "shadow effect" Anyone knit any shadow socks? It might be a great new workshop.

This is the elephant that I am making for the next Project Linus pocket blanket. He would make a great Valentine's Day gift by embroidering hearts on him instead of flowers.

This is the "Sweethearts Scarf"- very cute and interesting technique. The pattern is on Knitting Pattern Central.What do you think about this heart? It is interesting for anyone in the health field, don't you think? Pattern is at

Then this is my design "Every Occasion Drawstring Bag". I'm not a very good photographer, but it is a cute, med size felted bucket bag with a long drawstring. The idea was that I would then create adornments to attatch for each holiday. These are the heart adornaments
which also make good kitty toys for kitties who aren't too uppity to play with them. Critter obviously thinks it is his due- maybe a good behavior medal. Yeah.........
I got stymied last year in trying to produce shamrocks for the next holiday. But I know what I will do to produce them this year-needlefelting!! Watch for it. If it works out the way I think it will, it will also be a class.
Happy Valentine's Day and Opening Olympic Weekend!

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