Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some New Garments and a Big Thank You

Not much blogging going on- I've been pretty under the weather. But did want to let you know about a couple of fun items at the shop.

This is the Ozark Wrap that will be in the upcoming Vogue. It is on loan to us from David and Terri for another month or so. We will be getting this color of Ozark in, as well as some other new colors. Come by and check it out. I guess I could have left the menu out of the picture!

We are also getting in some new colors of Lusty Loop from D'Elin at Drop Spindle for the Loopy Ozark Wrap. Look for those on Wednesday or Thursday.

Speaking of Drop Spindle, here is the completed cardigan for the Drop Spindle kit that we are now stocking. Haven't named it yet but I will come up with something snappy. It is incredibly soft and drapy and D'Elin has some great new colors coming in a few weeks.
I will also be designing a cardiwrap using this same combo of yarns. Just need to find a little time to work on it.

I need to send out a huge "Thank You!" to everyone who has covered the shop for the last 3 weekends. To Charlene, Mary, Cheryl and Natalie for the week of TNNA and to Tiernieny, Mary, Bonnie and Natalie for last weekend so I could get some rest and especially to Tiernieny for this weekend when I was ill. I am so sorry to anyone who came in for a workshop and I wasn't there but will try to make special arrangements to make up for missing these activities.
Thank you all so much-don't know what I would do without such dedicated friends!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Some New Things

Well, I have been a bad blogger and not posted for awhile but things have been just a bit hectic.

First Bonnie, Tierniey and I spent 5 days at the TNNA trade show in Long Beach January 9-13. Wow! Talk about sensory overload! We got to meet a number of fiber celebs (Nicky Epstein was so nice!), saw some really unique products, tried some new techniques like weaving and different crochet construction and are really inspired to continue to bring you projects to excite and titillate you!
One of the unique products that we have ordered is Conjoined Creations "Flat Feet".
Very cool! You just drape the flat fabric over your shoulder and off you knit! We hope to have those coming around the beginning of February.

Ozark Handspun had some very lovely and artistic projects that we are excited about. Here is their Ozark Mane and Handspun Bag done in brighter colors and without the mane.
They are also having their first project published in Vogue Knitting and we have the garment on loan in the shop. It is a darling black, glittery wrap-very quick and simple to make. Look for it in the upcoming Vogue.
This is the next in the Sampler Block projects that we are doing on Fridays for the next few months. Sorry the picture isn't very good- it seems me and machines are not good friends lately!

This is an adaptation of SMariek's Embossed Hearts Dishcloth and is very fun to knit. Hope you can join us!

We are also having a Valentine's Day Anything Goes Swap at the shop. Come by and join in the fun and you might win a $50 gift certificate. Contact us for details.

Since it has been cooler (thank goodness), Precious decided that she needed a warmer place to lounge in.

I don't mind so much that she has decided to squeeze in on top of the cable box but does she really need to clean everything off that might be in her way? Evidently!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thoughts for a New Year

Happy New Year to all!!

I have read some touching and thought provoking posts for the New Year. Lots of great resolutions and motivating ideas so I am not going to go on at length because others have put it much more eloquently than I ever could. I, for one, am glad to be done with 2007. Not my best year, but, hopefully, I can take some lessons learned and make 2008 a better one.

One of the biggest changes I need to make this year (notice, I said one!) is to be more organized and timely. This is one of my biggest demons and it seems that since the loss of my mother in 2005, it has gotten much worse. Hard sometimes to find energy to deal with things. So one of the things I want to do is try to blog at least once a week so I can keep up with the shop better.

For January, our Friday afternoon KAL will be sampler blocks. These can be dishcloth patterns, afghan blocks or any stitch that catches our fancy but we will try to offer patterns that teach something new. Now, we all know that I dislike having a lot of finishing, so I plan to structure these so they can be knit in a strip, as many blocks as you like, to reach the length desired. Then you can use 1 strip as a scarf, 2 could be joined for a wrap, 4 for a blanket or afghan, etc. This will also be the offering for our Project Linus day which is Saturday, January 5.

So, this is the first block we will present on Friday, January 4.

It is called the Ring of Fire Cable from Lion Brand and I am using 10.5 needles with Goa from GGH and have modified it to measure 10"x10". This will allow us to finish a 10"x 40" strip by the end of January as each block will measure 10"x10".

We hope you can join us for this project.

The Last New Arrivals for the Old Year

One of the new arrivals are for accenting. Fingerless mitts, particularly this one, have been very popular at the shop. We found that adding the few rows of angora on the ruffle really jazzed it up. Thanks, Angie, for making up this prototype!These are some of the new colors of angora that we got in for the mitts.
The colors are rich and it is just so touchable! You almost expect them to purr........
The next new arrival are these hand dyed co-ordinates from Drop Spindle. Brushed English Mohair in the back row and Faux Chenille in the fore ground. We are going to be selling them as kits.....
and this is the first original pattern using these 2 yarns together. It is a cuff-to-cuff cardigan with seed stitch detailing and double breasted, asymetrical fronts. I will also be designing a cardiwrap as an option for this kit.
The hand is very supple with a soft sheen that adds elegance. The response has been great and the colorway on the far right has already sold.
The rest of the new arrivals are sock yarns. Here are some new colors from Drop Spindle in D'Elin's superwash merino.And these are from a brand new company to us- Chasing Rainbows.
This is Willow-50 % superwash merino, 50% tencel.

And this is Ling Ling- 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. The colors are rich, sophisticated and gorgeous.

And with the arrival of Chasing Rainbows, I have realized a dream. When "Hand Paint Country" first came out, it inspired me to dream of a day when I would own my own store, stocked with hand painted yarns. And I vowed that I would strive to carry the ones that represented California in that book. I have reached that goal. Thank you so much to everyone who have helped me acheive that dream.
And this is Critter, reflecting what I feel like having reached the end of this year. It has certainly been filled with trials and tribulations, but hopefully it will also serve as a source of growth and change- for the better.
Here's to a New Year! Thanks to everyone who have been along for the ride!

Hogwarts Sock Swap II

Well, I finally want to acknowledge the awesome Hogwarts Sock Swap II package I received from Harrison. The original pictures are still on my camera card but for some reason, they won't transfer.

She sent some very yummy cookies that she brought all the way from Japan, and which are long gone. She also sent these Harry Potter treats and these very cool stitch markers (one of which is on a project). I love the colors-they are perfect!
And here are the socks!! Obviously, they are Gryffindor colors, the pattern is Monkey and the yarn is Dharmafey's. They not only fit perfectly, but have been worn frequently as they go with a number of my outfits (funny, didn't realize I was that fond of orange!).

Harrison, thank you, thank you! And my apologies for being so late in getting this posted.