Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some New Garments and a Big Thank You

Not much blogging going on- I've been pretty under the weather. But did want to let you know about a couple of fun items at the shop.

This is the Ozark Wrap that will be in the upcoming Vogue. It is on loan to us from David and Terri for another month or so. We will be getting this color of Ozark in, as well as some other new colors. Come by and check it out. I guess I could have left the menu out of the picture!

We are also getting in some new colors of Lusty Loop from D'Elin at Drop Spindle for the Loopy Ozark Wrap. Look for those on Wednesday or Thursday.

Speaking of Drop Spindle, here is the completed cardigan for the Drop Spindle kit that we are now stocking. Haven't named it yet but I will come up with something snappy. It is incredibly soft and drapy and D'Elin has some great new colors coming in a few weeks.
I will also be designing a cardiwrap using this same combo of yarns. Just need to find a little time to work on it.

I need to send out a huge "Thank You!" to everyone who has covered the shop for the last 3 weekends. To Charlene, Mary, Cheryl and Natalie for the week of TNNA and to Tiernieny, Mary, Bonnie and Natalie for last weekend so I could get some rest and especially to Tiernieny for this weekend when I was ill. I am so sorry to anyone who came in for a workshop and I wasn't there but will try to make special arrangements to make up for missing these activities.
Thank you all so much-don't know what I would do without such dedicated friends!

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Lisa said...

At least I'm not alone in feeling under the weather! I hope you feel better soon.