Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Last New Arrivals for the Old Year

One of the new arrivals are for accenting. Fingerless mitts, particularly this one, have been very popular at the shop. We found that adding the few rows of angora on the ruffle really jazzed it up. Thanks, Angie, for making up this prototype!These are some of the new colors of angora that we got in for the mitts.
The colors are rich and it is just so touchable! You almost expect them to purr........
The next new arrival are these hand dyed co-ordinates from Drop Spindle. Brushed English Mohair in the back row and Faux Chenille in the fore ground. We are going to be selling them as kits.....
and this is the first original pattern using these 2 yarns together. It is a cuff-to-cuff cardigan with seed stitch detailing and double breasted, asymetrical fronts. I will also be designing a cardiwrap as an option for this kit.
The hand is very supple with a soft sheen that adds elegance. The response has been great and the colorway on the far right has already sold.
The rest of the new arrivals are sock yarns. Here are some new colors from Drop Spindle in D'Elin's superwash merino.And these are from a brand new company to us- Chasing Rainbows.
This is Willow-50 % superwash merino, 50% tencel.

And this is Ling Ling- 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. The colors are rich, sophisticated and gorgeous.

And with the arrival of Chasing Rainbows, I have realized a dream. When "Hand Paint Country" first came out, it inspired me to dream of a day when I would own my own store, stocked with hand painted yarns. And I vowed that I would strive to carry the ones that represented California in that book. I have reached that goal. Thank you so much to everyone who have helped me acheive that dream.
And this is Critter, reflecting what I feel like having reached the end of this year. It has certainly been filled with trials and tribulations, but hopefully it will also serve as a source of growth and change- for the better.
Here's to a New Year! Thanks to everyone who have been along for the ride!

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