Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Thoughts for a New Year

Happy New Year to all!!

I have read some touching and thought provoking posts for the New Year. Lots of great resolutions and motivating ideas so I am not going to go on at length because others have put it much more eloquently than I ever could. I, for one, am glad to be done with 2007. Not my best year, but, hopefully, I can take some lessons learned and make 2008 a better one.

One of the biggest changes I need to make this year (notice, I said one!) is to be more organized and timely. This is one of my biggest demons and it seems that since the loss of my mother in 2005, it has gotten much worse. Hard sometimes to find energy to deal with things. So one of the things I want to do is try to blog at least once a week so I can keep up with the shop better.

For January, our Friday afternoon KAL will be sampler blocks. These can be dishcloth patterns, afghan blocks or any stitch that catches our fancy but we will try to offer patterns that teach something new. Now, we all know that I dislike having a lot of finishing, so I plan to structure these so they can be knit in a strip, as many blocks as you like, to reach the length desired. Then you can use 1 strip as a scarf, 2 could be joined for a wrap, 4 for a blanket or afghan, etc. This will also be the offering for our Project Linus day which is Saturday, January 5.

So, this is the first block we will present on Friday, January 4.

It is called the Ring of Fire Cable from Lion Brand and I am using 10.5 needles with Goa from GGH and have modified it to measure 10"x10". This will allow us to finish a 10"x 40" strip by the end of January as each block will measure 10"x10".

We hope you can join us for this project.

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Angela said...

I am n o good with paperwork and organization so good luck with that, I know how hard it is. I love the Rings of Fire. I might try that in a dish cloth because I got volunteered to make some for the MIL.