Monday, January 21, 2008

Some New Things

Well, I have been a bad blogger and not posted for awhile but things have been just a bit hectic.

First Bonnie, Tierniey and I spent 5 days at the TNNA trade show in Long Beach January 9-13. Wow! Talk about sensory overload! We got to meet a number of fiber celebs (Nicky Epstein was so nice!), saw some really unique products, tried some new techniques like weaving and different crochet construction and are really inspired to continue to bring you projects to excite and titillate you!
One of the unique products that we have ordered is Conjoined Creations "Flat Feet".
Very cool! You just drape the flat fabric over your shoulder and off you knit! We hope to have those coming around the beginning of February.

Ozark Handspun had some very lovely and artistic projects that we are excited about. Here is their Ozark Mane and Handspun Bag done in brighter colors and without the mane.
They are also having their first project published in Vogue Knitting and we have the garment on loan in the shop. It is a darling black, glittery wrap-very quick and simple to make. Look for it in the upcoming Vogue.
This is the next in the Sampler Block projects that we are doing on Fridays for the next few months. Sorry the picture isn't very good- it seems me and machines are not good friends lately!

This is an adaptation of SMariek's Embossed Hearts Dishcloth and is very fun to knit. Hope you can join us!

We are also having a Valentine's Day Anything Goes Swap at the shop. Come by and join in the fun and you might win a $50 gift certificate. Contact us for details.

Since it has been cooler (thank goodness), Precious decided that she needed a warmer place to lounge in.

I don't mind so much that she has decided to squeeze in on top of the cable box but does she really need to clean everything off that might be in her way? Evidently!


Lisa said...

Sorry Karen! Meant to come in on Sunday for the update but I got sick. I will try to make it after work tomorrow.

Angela said...

Hey, Can't wait to hear how things went. I couldn't make it on Sunday, That's cool draping the fabric over your shoulder and knitting from it. I saw someone on another blog that knitted some wool up then dyed it and then knitted it from there. Cool huh.