Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hogwarts Sock Swap II

Well, I finally want to acknowledge the awesome Hogwarts Sock Swap II package I received from Harrison. The original pictures are still on my camera card but for some reason, they won't transfer.

She sent some very yummy cookies that she brought all the way from Japan, and which are long gone. She also sent these Harry Potter treats and these very cool stitch markers (one of which is on a project). I love the colors-they are perfect!
And here are the socks!! Obviously, they are Gryffindor colors, the pattern is Monkey and the yarn is Dharmafey's. They not only fit perfectly, but have been worn frequently as they go with a number of my outfits (funny, didn't realize I was that fond of orange!).

Harrison, thank you, thank you! And my apologies for being so late in getting this posted.

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twiceknit said...

Glad you liked it and really happy to see that the socks fit! Happy New Year!