Sunday, April 29, 2007

May Happenings

Bonnie has been working hard and finished the Tao/Parisiene shrug. Doesn't Natalie look nice in it? She was all ready for her prom and it was a perfect look for the picture.

Below is the finished Baby Tiger Stripe Jacket. This is the project for Kidlet Klub on April 30, then I will have the pattern for sale the week following. It can also be made in girly colors.

I have done my swatches for the For Me?! KAL. I wanted something in neutral (I know.....), I wanted it to have a nice hand and a little sparkle. I think I will use it for the office since it is air conditioning season already. Grrrr..... I hate the summers.

Upcoming Events:

So, as mentioned above, Kidlet Klub will be on Mondays April 30, May 14 & May 28 from 2-4PM. Upcoming projects will be posted.

Sock Club will be Saturday May 19, 1-4PM.

Fuzzy Friends will be Sunday May 20 12-3PM.

Accessory Clubs are on Fridays 3-6PM and we will also work on the various KALs. Call for details.
May 4 is Veil Stitch.
May 11 is Pillar Openwork Stitch
May 18 is Mesh Stitch
May 25 is Daisy Stitch

Spinning & Needle Felting will be Sunday May 13th & 20th.

Workshops: Saturday May 12 & 26 is "Crocheting for the Knitter-Part I & II" -We will show you how to do basic chain, slip and single crochet sts and how these can be utilized to join seams, add edges, make fringe and add creative design elements to your knitted projects. Fun is guaranteed!

Specials Happenings:

Cinco De Mayo- On Saturday May 5 we will have Fiesta Time. There will be appetizers, prizes and lessons on how to make Ojos De Dios. Check out Jay Mohler's fantastic Ojos at Another great way to use scrap yarns.

Premier Dyeing Workshop-Sunday May 27 we will host our first dyeing workshop. The cost will be $30 plus your fiber of choice. We are very excited and will be working out the details all month so look for some of our "experiments".

Last, but not least, we ( Natalie) have finished knitting the Shibori piece so will be getting it manipulated during this week, felted on the weekend and hopefully, if it successful, it will be on display next week. Check out these pictures of Shibori by Jeung-Hwa Park.

Pretty inspiring. Hopefully, we will achieve something similiar soon.

Enough for now. Still have a pattern I need to write.

See you soon!
Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, it has been an interesting week knitting wise. By the way, for some reason my weeks seem to run from Thursday to Wednesday instead of Sunday to Saturday. Don't know why- just the way my mind works ( I know, I know....). Anyhoo, the first entertaining incident is in regards to the Kitty Pi Bed as seen on Wendy Knits website. I had decided to supersize it, since I have 2 supersized cats, so I did an extra repeat of the increase row. This is what it looked like before felting;
Looks huge, right? No problemo, it is being felted, right? WRONG!!!!! After felting it for about an hour and it had reached about an 1" thickness, I did not have a Pi Bed. I had a Ruffled Pi Rug. Below is Critter, supersized cat #1, enjoying his Noro/Ozark Ruffled Pi Rug.

The other cats have checked it out but it looks like Critter has staked his claim on it. Rick, my previously unmentioned husband, thinks it should be used as a Frisbee. Come on..... a little big, don't ya think? Har, Har- very funny. It is such a joy to have my own personal comic.

Now, please don't ask what I have finished lately. I am much too busy starting things since something has to be made out of every new fiber that comes in, right? I have actually been on a crocheting kick lately. Below is the beginning of a ruffled baby dress from a pattern Cheryl brought in that she had found on the internet.

The bodice is Plymouth Shire Silk and the skirt will be out of the CTH North Country Cotton in Spring Frost. I think I will offer a class next month "Crochet for Knitters". I have some ideas in mind that will combine knit and crochet. If only there was more time........

The Sideways Tiger Stripe Sweater is almost done. This will be the project for the next Kidlet Klub on Monday April 30.
It is coming out really well and, of course, it could be made in something more girly. It should be fun and is knit sideways so that may be a new technique for some of you.

This is the beginning of a shaded shrug. I am using Prism yarns and it will shade into pale pinks and blues. This is the first half and I hope to have this half done over the weekend, my hump days. I know, I'm really goofy. It comes from breathing all the yarn/dye fumes.

Speaking of which, we will have our undyed fibers in the beginning of the week. I'm getting 4 weights of Blue Faced Leicester, Kona sock yarn, Alpaca lace weight, small loop mohair and a bamboo/merino blend. We will be experimenting with it on Sunday May 6 and will have the workshops set up for the last weekend in May. Stay tuned.

And finally, this is a picture of the progress on my design project for CTH Supersock contest. I hope to have it finished in the next few weeks. Then I can start something else. Whee.....
One final note and I will end this post. I have heard people talking about not feeling appreciated when you have given your handknits to loved ones. The suggestion has been made that there should be a "Me" club. Well, look no further. There is now a KAL called "For Me?!" and there is a link to it on my sidebar. It is all about not feeling guilty about starting something for yourself while you are still finishing other projects. You are worth it. Remember- life is short. Eat desert first.

Til next time-Knit on.

Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lace, Cardigans and Pet Pi beds

I've been so thrilled this week to see how many of you are starting garments. I love having mindless projects, a scarf, a wrap or a blanket, but it is stimulating to move into more challenging items. We have so many working on a number of our KALs and it is exciting to see everyone's interpretations. Speaking of which, have a look at Lisa's "Capecho" which she worked up in Karabella's Aurora 8.
I don't know about you, but I'm impressed! Great job, Lisa.

We are starting the Lily of the Valley lace shawl this Friday. I have heard from some of you that you think it this might be too difficult. Below is the beginning of mine. So far, it is very easy as it walks you through each part with a separate chart. I suspect the main body with the bobbles will be more challenging, but this is a long term project so I would hate to have anyone scared off by the appearance. I know it will take me a year to complete this as it is one of those projects that are the opposite of the "mindless" projects- this takes some concentration but is a great change of pace. It is also good brain exercise! But the point is, I think anyone can tackle any project if they take it one step at a time and come in for help if you have a question.
Having said all this, if it is definitely more than you want to tackle but are interested in trying lace, we will be happy to find a project that will suit you. It is a very gratifying knit.

Below is my Dollar and a Half Cardigan thus far. If you go to the KAL for this project you will see some fantastic versions in beautiful colors. It is really fun to knit and is an option if the lace isn't your cup of tea.
The April 16th meeting of Kidlet Klub was a blast. The KnitWhits (better known collectively as Charlene, Ingrid, Linda, Shirley & June) as the most fun loving group I have ever had the privilege to be around. I don't think I've laughed that hard since.....well, since the last time they were in. And Paige is working on her first project besides gauntlets. It is a cabled purse using Sublime and it is coming out great.
Sunday is the first Fuzzy Friends Club. We are doing Wendy Knits Kitty Pi bed, which can also be anyone's Pi bed as you can see if you check out her Pi Bed album. Great way to use up felting and novelty scraps. I'm working on a very large one using the Ozark Handspun because I get a kick out of the way my cats act when that fiber is around. 3 of my cats actually roll around on it and start drooling! I think it will not only be an attractive piece of decor but will provide entertainment as well. I will get a picture posted as soon as it is finished.

We should have our fibers in next week to start experimenting and preparing for our dyeing workshops next month. We plan to offer them Friday evenings and Sundays. Both Bonnie and Mary have experience in different methods so it should be satisfying and exciting. We will keep you posted on the dates, times and cost.

That's it for now. Knit on!
Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Events II

OK, so I have momentary memory lapses. Yeah, yeah, better known as old timers disease. Anyway, I forgot to let you know that Lisa, super supporter and knitter extraordinaire who writes for The Northwest Voice, is hoping that anyone who has finished knitting Easter outfits for someone will take pictures and submit them to The Voice for their contest, which you can check out at We know there have been a lot of completed projects, especially by The Kidlet Klub, and we would love to see them in the paper. Thanx, Lisa, for the suggestion. And check out Lisa’s knitting blog where she really brags about our local shops. She even gave us a better rating than Knit Café!! It is nice to know that we are welcoming and inspiring and ya’ll make that happen. Thanx to everyone.

This is a picture of my design in progress for CTH’s Supersock contest. The picture doesn't do justice to the colors-someday I may have to take some photography classes. Well, maybe....

I am really getting immense enjoyment out of working with their yarn and already have a second design kicking around in my head. No wonder my memory sucks! There is too much going on up there. Good excuse, huh?

This is a picture of my Sideways Tiger Stripe Sweater for the next Kidlet Klub on April 16.
Obviously, it is using Opal Tiger but could just as easily use something more girly. I should have it up in the shop by next week.

I’m sure I’ll remember something else in the middle of the night so will “talk” with you soon.
Be Sure to come in for the Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend.
We’ll see you then!

Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Events

April 4, 2007
Easter is here…

So to celebrate, our Accessory Club on April 6th is a felted basket, perfect for the Felted Bunny Slippers and needle felted eggs we have been making. Isn't it cute? My photography skills suck, but I feel like one has to have some weaknesses. Maybe some day I'll take a photography class. Right!!! About the same time I learn to work on a website! Whine, whine, whine.....

We are also having an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday and Sunday. We will have eggs hidden all over the shop and when you make a purchase this weekend, you get to “hunt” and open one to receive the prize inside. There will be everything from 10% off (and up), free lessons & patterns, a gift certificate and other goodies (sorry, CAP can’t be used with any other discounts).

We have the square needles and crochet hooks coming in next week. The response has been great from everyone, especially those with joint problems. They should be here by next Friday so come in and try them out.

I have become enamored of the Kollage Cornocopia so have ordered a bucket of new colors. The drape on this is marvelous and, with the Spring and Summer fashions being soft and flowing, it is perfect for these designs. Look for a KAL next month using this yarn. There are additional yarns coming from Kollage and we will have items completed in them by next month.

On Sunday April 22 we will be starting our Furry Friends Club. Our first project will be the Pet Pi bed which is a great way to use up odds and ends of novelty yarns. My “kids” love them and you can make them to coordinate with your décor. We have some ideas for other projects but, as always, we are open to suggestions and ideas.
Last, but not least, we are going to try some dyeing next month. I will be ordering the fibers next week and will then do some experimenting to see what will work well in the shop. Hope that you will check in with us to see if this is something you would like to try.

Several things to look for in the next few months:
Scrumbling or Freeform knitting & crochet
Hairpin lace
Bead knitting & crochet
Socks, socks & more socks
Lace patterns, including IK’s Lacy Kerchief Scarf (maybe in Cornocopia!)
Shaded knitting

We hope to see you soon!
Karen, Bonnie, Charlene, Tierney & Natalie