Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lace, Cardigans and Pet Pi beds

I've been so thrilled this week to see how many of you are starting garments. I love having mindless projects, a scarf, a wrap or a blanket, but it is stimulating to move into more challenging items. We have so many working on a number of our KALs and it is exciting to see everyone's interpretations. Speaking of which, have a look at Lisa's "Capecho" which she worked up in Karabella's Aurora 8.
I don't know about you, but I'm impressed! Great job, Lisa.

We are starting the Lily of the Valley lace shawl this Friday. I have heard from some of you that you think it this might be too difficult. Below is the beginning of mine. So far, it is very easy as it walks you through each part with a separate chart. I suspect the main body with the bobbles will be more challenging, but this is a long term project so I would hate to have anyone scared off by the appearance. I know it will take me a year to complete this as it is one of those projects that are the opposite of the "mindless" projects- this takes some concentration but is a great change of pace. It is also good brain exercise! But the point is, I think anyone can tackle any project if they take it one step at a time and come in for help if you have a question.
Having said all this, if it is definitely more than you want to tackle but are interested in trying lace, we will be happy to find a project that will suit you. It is a very gratifying knit.

Below is my Dollar and a Half Cardigan thus far. If you go to the KAL for this project you will see some fantastic versions in beautiful colors. It is really fun to knit and is an option if the lace isn't your cup of tea.
The April 16th meeting of Kidlet Klub was a blast. The KnitWhits (better known collectively as Charlene, Ingrid, Linda, Shirley & June) as the most fun loving group I have ever had the privilege to be around. I don't think I've laughed that hard since.....well, since the last time they were in. And Paige is working on her first project besides gauntlets. It is a cabled purse using Sublime and it is coming out great.
Sunday is the first Fuzzy Friends Club. We are doing Wendy Knits Kitty Pi bed, which can also be anyone's Pi bed as you can see if you check out her Pi Bed album. Great way to use up felting and novelty scraps. I'm working on a very large one using the Ozark Handspun because I get a kick out of the way my cats act when that fiber is around. 3 of my cats actually roll around on it and start drooling! I think it will not only be an attractive piece of decor but will provide entertainment as well. I will get a picture posted as soon as it is finished.

We should have our fibers in next week to start experimenting and preparing for our dyeing workshops next month. We plan to offer them Friday evenings and Sundays. Both Bonnie and Mary have experience in different methods so it should be satisfying and exciting. We will keep you posted on the dates, times and cost.

That's it for now. Knit on!
Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

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LW said...

I'm so glad the capecho stayed "shut" in that picture. I have another picture of me in it and it is flying wide open! So I decided I am going to put some snaps in it.