Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Events II

OK, so I have momentary memory lapses. Yeah, yeah, better known as old timers disease. Anyway, I forgot to let you know that Lisa, super supporter and knitter extraordinaire who writes for The Northwest Voice, is hoping that anyone who has finished knitting Easter outfits for someone will take pictures and submit them to The Voice for their contest, which you can check out at We know there have been a lot of completed projects, especially by The Kidlet Klub, and we would love to see them in the paper. Thanx, Lisa, for the suggestion. And check out Lisa’s knitting blog where she really brags about our local shops. She even gave us a better rating than Knit CafĂ©!! It is nice to know that we are welcoming and inspiring and ya’ll make that happen. Thanx to everyone.

This is a picture of my design in progress for CTH’s Supersock contest. The picture doesn't do justice to the colors-someday I may have to take some photography classes. Well, maybe....

I am really getting immense enjoyment out of working with their yarn and already have a second design kicking around in my head. No wonder my memory sucks! There is too much going on up there. Good excuse, huh?

This is a picture of my Sideways Tiger Stripe Sweater for the next Kidlet Klub on April 16.
Obviously, it is using Opal Tiger but could just as easily use something more girly. I should have it up in the shop by next week.

I’m sure I’ll remember something else in the middle of the night so will “talk” with you soon.
Be Sure to come in for the Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend.
We’ll see you then!

Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie

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LW said...

Thanks for the shout out (is it even cool to say that anymore?)! I just finished my "Capecho" that I've been working on since January... I'm so thrilled to be done with it. I'll be coming by the shop to show it off soon, I hope. :)