Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well, it has been an interesting week knitting wise. By the way, for some reason my weeks seem to run from Thursday to Wednesday instead of Sunday to Saturday. Don't know why- just the way my mind works ( I know, I know....). Anyhoo, the first entertaining incident is in regards to the Kitty Pi Bed as seen on Wendy Knits website. I had decided to supersize it, since I have 2 supersized cats, so I did an extra repeat of the increase row. This is what it looked like before felting;
Looks huge, right? No problemo, it is being felted, right? WRONG!!!!! After felting it for about an hour and it had reached about an 1" thickness, I did not have a Pi Bed. I had a Ruffled Pi Rug. Below is Critter, supersized cat #1, enjoying his Noro/Ozark Ruffled Pi Rug.

The other cats have checked it out but it looks like Critter has staked his claim on it. Rick, my previously unmentioned husband, thinks it should be used as a Frisbee. Come on..... a little big, don't ya think? Har, Har- very funny. It is such a joy to have my own personal comic.

Now, please don't ask what I have finished lately. I am much too busy starting things since something has to be made out of every new fiber that comes in, right? I have actually been on a crocheting kick lately. Below is the beginning of a ruffled baby dress from a pattern Cheryl brought in that she had found on the internet.

The bodice is Plymouth Shire Silk and the skirt will be out of the CTH North Country Cotton in Spring Frost. I think I will offer a class next month "Crochet for Knitters". I have some ideas in mind that will combine knit and crochet. If only there was more time........

The Sideways Tiger Stripe Sweater is almost done. This will be the project for the next Kidlet Klub on Monday April 30.
It is coming out really well and, of course, it could be made in something more girly. It should be fun and is knit sideways so that may be a new technique for some of you.

This is the beginning of a shaded shrug. I am using Prism yarns and it will shade into pale pinks and blues. This is the first half and I hope to have this half done over the weekend, my hump days. I know, I'm really goofy. It comes from breathing all the yarn/dye fumes.

Speaking of which, we will have our undyed fibers in the beginning of the week. I'm getting 4 weights of Blue Faced Leicester, Kona sock yarn, Alpaca lace weight, small loop mohair and a bamboo/merino blend. We will be experimenting with it on Sunday May 6 and will have the workshops set up for the last weekend in May. Stay tuned.

And finally, this is a picture of the progress on my design project for CTH Supersock contest. I hope to have it finished in the next few weeks. Then I can start something else. Whee.....
One final note and I will end this post. I have heard people talking about not feeling appreciated when you have given your handknits to loved ones. The suggestion has been made that there should be a "Me" club. Well, look no further. There is now a KAL called "For Me?!" and there is a link to it on my sidebar. It is all about not feeling guilty about starting something for yourself while you are still finishing other projects. You are worth it. Remember- life is short. Eat desert first.

Til next time-Knit on.

Karen, Bonnie, Tierney, Charlene & Natalie


LW said...

Well, at least the kitty still likes it, right?

knittercritter said...

Yes, thank goodness. Of course, he loves anything with Ozark- he literally "drools" over it. Great for entertainment purposes.

LW said...

Hey there... on the web front, I was poking around in blogger yesterday and I noticed that on the dashboard, under the "settings" tab, there is a sub tab called "publishing" and it seems you can publish your blog your web domain. Maybe this would be an option? It looks like you just click on "custom domain" and then type in your web address. Since you seem to have been able to get the Blogger stuff working, you could just use the blog as your website...

Sherry G said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Blogging is a whole new experience for me. BTW, I have a cousin in Bakersfield--tell me about your shop. Maybe I can come in some day.

I hope my stole idea works out. It didn't the first time. I saw a
pattern that used some expensive yarns that were unavailable locally. So I borrowed the concept and picked out other yarns. Using a different one for each row didn't work out because they are all so different. I think
using the carry along yarn throughout will work. Sherry