Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Winter updates

Hello again.

2 changes I want to let you all know about. First of all, the spinning has been changed to Sunday the 14th & the 21th but will not be offered on the 28th. I guess Mary thinks she wants to go out of town and this is more important than working (luv ya, Mary!). She is also going to include needle felting during these classes so it should be informative. The second is that, due to the impending cold snap that everyone seems excited about, the accessory club this Friday will be offering 2 projects-the short row hat from Interweave Knits and an original pattern, A Fun Pocket Scarf. I will be using some of my cool handspun novelties for this but for those of you that are more into neutrals (and we know how I feel about that) we have some lovely tailored boucles that would work wonderfully.

I am getting in a huge shipment of Ozark Handspun in a few days. I am really excited as there should be about 12 colors and I got to pick them before Terri & David went to the trade show in San Diego so we might not see some of these colors again for awhile. For those of you who aren't familiar with Ozark, check out their website at Very exciting.

I hope I'm not jumping the gun, but look for a brand new company to be in the store by the end of January. We hope to be a stockist but competition is fierce so I'm not going to jinx it by letting too much out of the bag. We'll keep you posted.

We are still working on Lizard Ridge off of This continues to be fun and addicting, especially as new colors of Kureyon come in. In continuing to explore free form needle work I have come across the knit along for Ocean Currents at with Jane Thornley. Check it out-she has some marvelous patterns.

One other item of interest. Starting 1/15, we will be offering Daily Lunch Specials. These will only be available M-F, 11-2 and will be 15% off specific items which change for every day of the week. Sorry, but CAP can't be used in conjunction with these specials.That's all for now. Hope to see you soon!!

Karen, Bonnie, Tierney & Natalie