Friday, April 16, 2010

New Merisock and Projects

Look at our new shipment of Merisock! Whoo hoo! This stuff is addicting. And in high demand. It took us 4 weeks to get this shipment in. Evidently, there are about 20 retailers in California that carry Punta but only about 6 of them stock the Merisock. Silly them!!

Now I realize that it isn't everyone's forte, but take a look at these beaded socks that I started 2-at-a-time top down out of the same hank (until the dog ate my needle).
Isn't the color variation interesting? I am anxious to do a garment out of it to see the shading that develops.
Another new project that we started is a variation of the Blooming Buds Shawl. This is also a Jojoland pattern called Floating Flowers and, while she calls it a wrap, I would call it more of a scarf as the finished measurements are 10' X 60'. It uses her Rhythm and any worsted weight solid. I'm using Cloud Nine but I think next time I would use Aurora 8 as I find the halo of the Cloud somewhat distracts from the pattern. Another pattern we will start soon is called Rhythm Hidden Squares. She really does some lovely patterns and also writes some nice sock patterns.And this was our last weaving warped up. Love the colors!

However, the Nikki, the outer multicolor, was a little thick for the 7.5 dpi reed and shredded rather quickly. It really should have been warped on a 5 dpi reed.

This was about as far as we got so I think we will either make it a pillow or maybe full it slightly and make a cool clutch. Maybe with a little needle felting thrown in?

But if you want to go finer, versus the 5 dpi, Ashford now has a Second Heddle Kit that allows you to make very fine weaves or create more intricate patterns. Haven't gone there yet but am looking forward to trying it.

And here is Meggie, shop-puppysitter-in-training. She doesn't look horribly thrilled, does she?
Notice her handiwork on my Birki's in the back? Oh, yes, so very talented!!

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