Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scrumbling Again!

Inspired by Jenny Dowde and her Ravelry group, Prudence Mapstone's newsletter and her "A Scrumble a Week" website, as well as the other multitudinous info on Ravelry, I decided to pick up my Felted Scrumbled Purse and work on finishing it.

First I picked out wool that had colors I liked (purple? Imagine that!) and designed the purse. The yarn used is Loft. This is it before felting, obviously.
And this is it after felting. Sorry a few of these pictures are so blurry. They were taken before I got the new camera that I can hardly use. But at least it stabilizes the image.

And yes, the flap was meant to be asymmetrical (she says!).
Then these are the scrap yarns I pulled to make my scrumbles. My intention is to just cover the flap with scrumbles.
And these are the scrumbles I have created thus far. Scrumbles can either be knitted or crocheted and I am using both techniques.

You can make them in small units then join them or you can create one large one, filling in the gaps as you go to fit the area you want it to cover. I am going to be making small ones, tacking them on as I go and creating whatever pieces I need to fill the gaps.

And we're off!

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