Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wet Felting Examples

As most of you know, we are going to be doing a Wet Felting class. I had previously shown you pictures of projects that we will have the instructions for. Here are pictures of the samples I have done and are in the shop now. It is slightly trickier than they would have you believe, but I think I have many of the kinks worked out.

This is the one shown on the felted soaps in my previous post. It is partially needle felted and finished by wet felting.

That needle felting tool from Ashford is sharp-literally!! But it also made short work of the needle felting step in this project.

It has now been wet felted and is ready to be embellished.

And now it is shaped and embellished. It sort of looks more like a butterfly than a flower. Hm........
This is the project that we will actually be doing in the class. It is shown as the black flower in the previous post.
These are the layers ready for shaping and assembling.

They are now trimmed, shaped and stacked, ready to be sewn and embellished.

And Ta-Da!- finished. I discovered that this type of felting doesn't shrink anywhere near as much as knitted/crocheted felting does. So this sample is larger than I would have liked. One of the bugs that I have worked out.And I have never seen a dog whose ears move so far forward!
Wouldn't she look cute with one of these flowers tied on top of her head. Awwww........

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