Monday, July 09, 2007

The Pusher (Wo)Man

The addiction continues and is spurred on by receiving mysterious and tantalizing hints from my Knitter Virtual Vacation Swap spoiler (see comments on previous post). This is even better than Christmas- because it can be year round! As long as I am interested in giving, someone wants to give back. Hmmm, kind of like life, huh? I have some pictures of the packages I have/am sending but I can't post them yet because some of my spoilees read my blog but as soon as they receive them........whoopee!

I am designing a mitered afghan pattern for Project Linus for the first meeting at the shop on Saturday July 14. Here are 2 of the squares-

The theme is "fish" and the colors are supposed to be blues but I'm finding myself drawn to the greens/aquas. What do fish know? Anyway, I should have about 6-8 of the blocks done by Saturday. This will be a free pattern with the donation of finished items or cash to PL. Hope to have a good turn out.

Finally, just to prove that I am getting more technologically advanced, here is my current paper shredder. Very effective and doesn't use a lot of power. Very important with the threat of power brown outs at this time of year.

And this is the shop security system. Her name is Antoinette and she is a Mi-Ki, she is just adorable and she is one of Bonnie's "pack" of many now, Bonnie? And you're getting how many more? I think she should bring them in all at once. How cute would that be?


Cass said...

OHMYGOSH gush gush gush at your wee pets. CUTE!!! And I love the fish squares. The colors are perfect- who needs blues?

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I have one of those same model paper shredders at home ... works wonderfully to unwrap gifts as well!!!

~ Incognito Knitter ~

AKA your Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Spoiler :o)

knittercritter said...

I bet my unit has that feature also! Too bad they can't be "built" to wrap gitfs as well.