Sunday, July 08, 2007

12 Step Groups for Swap Addicts?!?

OK, I have this problem. I seem to be spending more time on the computer checking out swap activity than I do most anything else. But it is so much fun to put together a package that you know someone will love and waiting for them to get it, knowing they are also anticipating receiving it. We call it "lurking", constantly checking the mail, to see if something has arrived. Are you impressed with my knowledge of swap vocabulary? You should be; I'm studying really hard. Oh, and did I mention you get these marvelous gifts in return? Remember the bit about lurking? That would be me, just waiting for my goodies to come.

These are 2 of my recent "spoils". Lots of nice stuff. And one skein of yarn isn't even in these pictures as it is already being incorporated into a prayer shawl for a dear friend.

We have 12 people signed up for the Summertime Blues Dishcloth Swap so if you are contemplating it be sure to get your questionaires in by July 18. And just to sweeten the pot, everyone who signs up will be entered into a drawing for a skein of hand dyed Laurel. Don't miss the fun.

And here are the answers for the contest over at the Dog Days of Summer Swap:

Someone who crochets-Tami W-

Someone who's never made a dishcloth before -Megan C-

Someone who has been knitting\crocheting for less than 2 years-Sherry M-

Someone who has been knitting\crocheting for more than 5 years -Sharon K-

Someone who is from a non-US country-Stephanie L-

And finally, some pet cuteness- the cat(tle) call at mi casa. And this is only half the cat(tle).


Cass said...

LOL @ that pic! :)

Hey- I'm almost finished with the River Tote Pattern. Can I send it to you to proof? Would you mind? I intend to polish it this week. :)

knittercritter said...

I would luv to proof it! I'm excited-it is an amazing pattern. One of my shop elves knits like a fiend- she even knits on her treadmill! So she could probably whip out a prototype for us which would help to reveal any unclearness. Yea! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

But what will you receive from your Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap pal? And, where on earth does your swap pal live? It's a mystery! Signed, Your Virtual Vacation Swap Pal :-)

Dawn ; ) said...

Oh, can I play too ~ I know I'm not suppose to join any more swaps for awhile but this one sounds like great fun plus I'm having a wonderful time knitting cloths at the moment. ;D

please tell me where I signup and get the questionaire. thx. ;D

from one swap addict to another. LOL

btw ~ I'm still trying to unravel my magic yarn ball. ;D

knittercritter said...

Hey, Dawn nice to hear from you and glad you could join our "meeting". It is always nice to know others share one's affliction. I would love to have you in the swap- I started it mainly as an "in-shop-swap" to give some of my customers an opportunity to get involved up close & personal but I have a couple of out of towners who are playing. I'll send you the specifics thru swap-bot.