Monday, July 23, 2007

Miracles, great and small

Sometimes life seems hard and it gets discouraging.

I am way over extended in obligations so in an effort to make up time, I sometimes try to double book things, or schedule them too close together. But all that usually ends up happening is that nothing gets done properly and I prove that I am no longer able to multitask like I used to. Getting old sucks!

So I have been feeling a little blue and down. But I did some thinking and realize that everyone hits tough patches and making life good should probably be about being grateful. So I looked around and realize how much I have to be grateful for.

For example, who would have ever thunk that I ( probably one of the world's biggest screw ups) would ever have a lovely little yarn shop with talented people working there (1 who has darling puppies!), marvelous customers and more creative opportunities than can be imagined. It is a dream-come-true but I forget that because I get so immersed in paying bills, dealing with cooling issues, trying to keep paperwork from taking over, etc, etc, etc....... So I took some time to appreciate the miracle of being able to create fiber in all the shades of fuchsia, pinks & purples that I could ever want;

This is the result of my dyeing yesterday. The 2 lighter skeins will be used for the felted flowers for the new Noni Market bag. The deeper purple will be used in the Old Shale socks as the solid color. I will use Baywood Yarns sock yarn in Blackberry for the multi. How blessed am I?

I also have to appreciate the interesting things the universe throws my way. We live outside the city limits on some acreage with various assorted livestock all around. We woke up yesterday morning to find a Canada Goose in our horse pen. Now, I don't know anyone around here who has these birds and can't say that I have seen a lot migrating at the moment.
It spent some time communing with the ostriches next door, then hubby gave it some feed and water and it spent some time in the horse trough. When I got home that evening , it was gone. Now this may be too weird to put out there but the only person I know who adored Canada Geese was my Mom and she has been gone for about 1 year and 1/2. I miss her terribly because I always called her when I felt down and I wonder if this was her stopping by to tell me she is still with me and not to worry. OK, maybe not, but it was very odd and it did make me feel better.

I think the miracles are there, if we just look for them.


Carrie said...

That yarn is beautiful! Wonderful dye-job!

Anonymous said...

That yarn really is beautiful and I think you are right to take time out and count your blessings. I truly believe that the people we love and miss do come back to us in the strangest ways and we just have to wait for those moments and savor them when they come.

debbi said...

Ok. Have to tell you a story. My grandmother in law was canadian. When she died I was away on vacation alone (my spouse was at home) and a mourning dove flew into the camp. Now we had lots of birds there at the time but NEVER a mourning dove. The saying goes that if only one appears then someone is going to die. Not 2 hours later I received the call that she had gone. Now at the funeral, a canada goose stood right near the gravesite the entire time that we were there burying her. I truly believe that she sent the mourning dove to tell me that she was gone and to say goodbye to me (we were close) and then the canada goose was there to watch over us to make sure everyone was ok (she was very nurturing). So yes it probably was your mom stopping by to say hi and cheer you up. Glad it worked.

wendy said...

Karen, thoughts going out to you - I emailed you about the prayer shawl swap so please email me with your wishes for the shawl

Secret said...

Ostriches next door! Would you believe that we had ostrich burgers for dinner last night!?

Your Secret Pal

P.S. I hope you post your questionnaire for SP11 soon. :)