Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Dyeing We Shall Go!!!

Tomorrow is another dyeing workshop. Joy! I have been restraining myself from dyeing all the time, partly because I'm using up all the inventory that is supposed to be there for workshops, partly because I wasn't doing any knitting. So tomorrow I have an excuse to dye!! Wheee!!!
Yeah, like I need an excuse.......

People ask "but what do you need to dye for, there are already so many colors of so many fibers?" (like you can ever have enough). Ahh, I say, but I don't have what I need. For example, I might want to do these "Old Shale Socks" from but I don't have the right solid color so I need to dye a semi-solid.

I definately know I am making the Market Bag and I don't have the exact "fuchsia" shade so maybe I'll dye for the flowers.
Or maybe (hee, hee, hee, hee, snicker, snicker) I'll just have to dye for both!!! Oh joy, oh joy! I so love dyeing days.
And congrads to Cheryl- she won the Summertime Blues Dishcloth Swap drawing today for the skein of Laurel. Hope to see you tomorrow, Cheryl, so you can pick out your color.

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