Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shibori Redux

OK, I promised an update on the maiden shibori project. Remember what it looked like the first time we manipulated it? Here's a refresher.

Well, by the time I got it home, a number of the stones had already fallen out and the new kitten (sh**head is now in the running for his name) got another 2/3 of them out. And it hadn't even gone into the washing machine yet! So.... I had to re-think what to use to shape it. So decided to try ping-pong balls (not tennis balls as I was saying. Come on, know what am I thinking!). Here is the pre-felted and post-felted results, again with sh**head and Precious (our deaf kitty)'s assistance.

I will have it in the shop by tomorrow afternoon. And we have great plans for the next one. We are going to knit it first out of a natural color, graduation dye it, embellish it, manipulate it, then felt it. We are going to use an ocean theme. Stay tuned.

Below are pictures of this weekend's projects. On the right is the beginning of the Puzzle Pillow Blanket (thanx to Angus for modeling it) and on the left is the newest incarnation of the 4 Season (Summer) Wrap.

And these are my latest dyeing projects. As they are gifts for 2 of the swaps I'm in, I can't say anything else, but Damn! I'm hooked on the dyeing. Need more fiber!!!!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my CTH design project before I ship it off then I will get busy on some KAL projects. Hope you join me!

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Libbysmom said...

OK ...I love the Shibori and the pingpong balls were a great idea. I love how perfectly round they are....I LOVE IT!!!!