Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inspired by Nature KAL

OK, I've been talking about these knitalong things and I realize that many of my customers are knitters, not computer geeks (like I am, lol!), so ya'll listen to me and think "yeah, yeah, whatever, show us proof that this is so great". Combine that with I don't blog enough(see previous post) and I have decided to try to post about whatever I'm working on in order to illustrate how much inspiration it can be and to help organize myself.
Who's snickering? Oh, never mind.......it might have been me.
So, first up is the Inspired By Nature KAL. The idea is pretty straight forward; find something pretty that reminds you of summer and translate it into something knitted.
Now, Bakersfield isn't noted for it's gorgeous weather, right? So I had to do some thinking. One thing I really enjoy is the return of the humming birds to the feeder on my porch. After a number of attempts I gave up trying to take their pictures (do you know some people teach these amazing jewels to eat out of their hands!?!?!?) so I found these and am using them as my inspiration. I also don't have the time or inclination to garden in this weather-sigh. So my idea is to make a knitted, beaded purse in flower colors with the flap and strap in the leaf/stem colors and will then do a beaded hummingbird scrumble as part of the flap.

So I hand dyed some BFL Ultra! in flower colors and (Bonnie) strung the beads.
It is now cast on, thanks to Joey's help, and I will be working on it this week. Stay tuned.