Sunday, June 24, 2007

Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot!

Welcome to the wonderful Bakersfield summertime. The only good thing about how fast time is going is that summer will be over soon. So time and heat are the topics de jour for this and upcoming entries.
Ok, Ok, so I don't post enough!

I tried to join an interesting sounding group on line and they wouldn't let me because I don't post often enough. So shoot me already.

Having said that, it has been awhile since I posted so where do I start? Maybe where I left off? (Duh....).
If you have been in lately, you'll notice that the "Rings" design has returned. Like a boomerang. Evidently, they meant that they would receive designs up to June 10, not postmarked up to June 10, so they sent it right back. Without even looking at it. Sigh. Someday I'll learn not to procrastinate. My excuse (here I go with the excuses again) is that I'm busy. Actually, I probably need a keeper. No, make that definately. Anyone want to be my keeper?

Anyhoo, I'm going to write up the pattern and put it up for sale. We'll also do it as a workshop in August, maybe with your own hand dyes?

Speaking of hand dyes, this is the Chevron purse that we will be doing on
July 13. The top one is out of Kureyon, the unfelted one is out of Tierney's first hand dyed.We'll have it up once she felts it.

This pattern was written by a lovely young woman named Emilee who has offered it as a free pattern and has graciously granted us permission to use it. Check it out at


Hate to tell you guys, but it is time to start Christmas presents (this is the bad thing about how fast time goes- 182 more shopping days till Christmas!) so we are again presenting Christmas Starting in July. To that end, we will be offering a number of quick, fun, sometimes sparkly projects suitable for decorating or gifts. The purse mentioned above is one and on July 6 we'll be showing ya'll how to create The Quick No Pattern Bag. Quick. No Pattern. Really. Lined and everything. You don't believe me? Trust me. Have I led you astray yet? No, really? And a big thank you to Gail M for the idea for these bags. Come see me. I will give you a token of my appreciation. I'm nice like that.

And check out this KAL They are offering motivation to make up your list, checking it twice, going to find, well, you get the idea.

Here is a gift that will help you beat the heat; a crocheted Scrubee around a bottle of yummy body wash. Every other Sunday we will be doing crocheted gift projects including amigurumi and a "mystery" crochet-along that will be super for using scraps. The scrubee is slated for July 1. Very quick and easy, even knitters can do it. Yeah, you. I know, I'm getting bossy. Must be the heat......

Most of you have heard about the various swaps I'm involved in. This is my first received package. 2 (count them, 2) skeins of Super Merino from Artyarns, a totally pampering collection of Beauticontrol spa products and a coordinating margarita glass (see, the products are called Margarita, get it? No, I didn't fall off the wagon.....yet). Just kidding.
This getting gifts in the mail just because someone tells you to send something is awesome but even better is getting to know your swap partner and putting something together to send them.
So, keep your eyes open. I will have the new class schedule up in the next few days and I am going to start a mystery partner swap in the shop. Should be fun!

Last, but not least, cute pet update. Sh**head now has a name-Joey. My husband named him after the character on Friends- seems to think he has the same kind of attitude, large appetite and none too intelligent.
I have lots more to say but have to get ready for work, damn it all!, so I will get some more info out to ya'll in the next few days.

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