Monday, February 22, 2010

Woven Ruffled Felted Scarf Completed

We have been doing a lot of weaving recently and the latest design, as promised, is a Woven Ruffled Felted Scarf. Here Jaime is warping with Indulgence, using a 5 dpi heddle.

After warping, we will be weaving with some more Oceania and Kureyon

again using the clasped weft technique.

The finished woven piece is 80" X 9".

Here all the ends are woven in and it has been gathered to 60". Critter gives it his approval.

And here it is after felting.The finished measurements are 55" X 5".

Angus obviously approves also.


morgaine24 said...

the scarf is beautiful. i would love to start weaving I always present my products to my cat Draven. As long as it is not hand dyed and smells like vinegar;he is okay with it.

jennknitfer said...

Love the colors and can't wait to touch this!

knittercritter said...

Yeah, mine are a bunch of critics. Fortunately, they usually approve of what I am doing as it is usually wool and they think that smells nice.