Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mesh stitch, dyeing workshop & Magic Ball pet blanket

Just a quick post to give you a preview of the stuff happening this weekend. First off is the Mesh Stitch for Accessory Club tomorrow. Very simple, very easy, endless uses. Very nice for a freebie.
Then we are offering our dyeing workshop starting on Sunday. This is a scarf that Bonnie knit up with one of her wools from our first dyeing day, held together with some New Magic. Beautiful, vibrant colors.

This is some cotton that Bonnie has worked on this week. It seems she is in a turquoise/teal mood. Although, evidently, I'm color blind, so what do I know?

And last, but not least, this is a Fuzzy Friends Blanket made using the "Magic Ball" method with scraps of Kureyon, Peacock, Esprit and a few other unidentifiable fibers. The pattern will be available on Sunday but I've moved the Fuzzy Friends Club meeting to May 27 due to moving up the dyeing workshop.

We hope to see everyone soon!

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Libbysmom said...

OK Karen or Bonnie oe whoever is the first to read your comments. Im tagging you. You have to write 7 random facts about yourself, tag 7 others and then let them know in there comments that you tagged them.