Monday, May 14, 2007

Dyeing to Dye

Well, I'm hooked. I can't quit dyeing. Last week I decided I wanted to dye 1200 yards of lace weight alpaca in a series of shaded colors. How to get some really long lengths. Hmmmm....... Leave it to a motorhead to come up with something to wrap this around. So.........

80 laps around the truck, and some help from Mandy, cat # 3, and I have 1200 yds of lace weight alpaca ready to dye. Below are the steps of dyeing in a shaded process, what it looks like after it is dry and still in the long lengths, and after it is re-skeined. I'm still deciding what pattern I want to work it in.

And this is the bamboo/merino we dyed the weekend before and the Mermaid gloves I'm making out of it. Check out for more pictures and a hilarious blog about knitting.

Don't forget, we are offering our first dyeing workshop this Sunday, May 20th, rather than May 27 as I forgot about the holiday. What can I say? I'm too busy knitting, designing and dyeing to worry about mundane things like, uhh, what month this is? Or, like, other people going out of town? You mean everyone else's life doesn't revolve around their creative pursuits?

What can I say?!?

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