Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yarn Tasting & Peace Making

Here is a sneak preview of some of the yarns we will be "sampling" at our third tasting on Sunday, August 26. I have to note that there seems to be a lot of silk and silk blends this year which is wonderful because they take the color so well and add a lovely sheen.
As I say, we have had shipments this week from Cascade, EuroYarns and Needful so there will be a surprise or 2 thrown in. I'm really looking forward to it and hope you are also.

I snapped this picture last night while totally in shock. The white cat is Precious, our deaf kitty who is usually on the low end of the pecking-order-totem-pole. And the little black & white is our newest, Joey, who is about 4 months old and as ornery as they come (you better believe there is a vet visit in the very near future for him!). To find them curled up together basking in the last of the day's sunshine was very amazing. Just goes to show, you never know what someone can be capable of if given the chance.
Course, it lasted about 30 minutes and then they were at it again. But I guess there is always hope.


Dorothy said...

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Good luck.

Secret Pal FFBExchange said...

Love the kitties..aren't they cute & good when napping :)

Laurie said...

They can be sweet when they sleep, can't they? But they can be cute when they are awake, too. In our house we have one dog and one kitty. She (the cat) is definately at the top of the pecking order in our house. Bailey (BIG boy dog) has nothing but respect for his cat-master!

Anonymous said...

Your virtual vacation is coming soon! I have your souvenirs all ready - they just have to make it to the post office. You should have your vacation soon!