Monday, March 12, 2007

Kidlet Klub

Greetings happy yarnaholics!

We are starting a new club called "Kidlet Klub". This is in response to everyone who is knitting for any of the children in their lives and wants inspiration, ideas, help and free patterns. The first meeting will be Monday 3/19 from 2-4PM and Bonnie will be teaching.

The cost to join the club is $25 yearly. You will receive free instruction whenever you are working on Kidlet projects, a free Kidlet pattern once a month and 10% off any yarns or books for Kidlet projects once a month. We plan to meet once a month on a Monday but can meet more often if desired. You don't have to join the club, you can just come in and knit, but you will be charged for the pattern and instruction if you choose not to join. Our first project will be a top down cotton eyelet cardigan that is a quick knit and will be perfect for Easter. Check out the sample that Bonnie is working on out of CTH Cotton Boucle. It is super cute and very cheerful.
We look forward to seeing you!
Karen, Bonnie, Tierney & Natalie

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