Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Accessory Club
Needle Felting
Friday March 23’s Accessory Club is a needle felted cell phone or accessory purse. This is a felted project that we will then needle felt on. The sample is using Ozark Handspun for the needle felting. The free pattern follows and is a very quick knit, taking about 2 hours. It is a fun, free form project.

We hope to see you there!
Karen, Bonnie, Charlene, Tierney & Natalie

Happiness is the…….
ABCs of Creative Pursuits
Needle Arts

Felted Cell Phone Holder
1 Galway (or other felting wool)
#11- 16” circular and dbl pt needles

Body (started at bottom):
With dbl pt needles, cast on 18 sts. Knit across. With second dbl pt needle, p/u 1 st at end of cast on, turn and p/u 18 sts across bottom of cast on and 1 st at second end- you will have 38 sts total all around the cast on. Knit even in rounds, switching to circulars when work allows, until 12” from bottom.
Top Edge & strap:
Knit 3 sts, which will be left on needle for strap, cable c/o 3 sts and work I cord bind off until there are 3 sts left unworked (plus the first 3 that were worked at the beginning of the row). Bind off the 3 I cord sts, knit across the remaining 3 sts and the first 3 sts- 6 sts remaining for the strap. Work these 6 sts in stockinette st with slip st edges for 12”. Dec row: Slip 1 pw, k2tog twice, knit last st. Next row: Slip 1 pw, purl to last st, knit 1. Dec row: Slip 1 pw, K2tog, knit 1. Bind off. Weave in ends. Felt to size desired.

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