Saturday, May 26, 2012

Polymer Lessons

We had a blast learning about polymer clay last weekend with Lisa. From conditioning it, to skinner blends, making a leaf cane and contemplating all the items that can be made with it, all the possibilities left me a little breathless and anxious to put some of the ideas into play. To the left is a beautiful Natasha bead Lisa made, a slice of the leaf cane that we made in class is on the right and at the top is an extremely simple cross cane I made that will make a perfectly matched shawl pin for the New Tower Shawl I'm making.

These are some tins that Lisa has created with clay
and here is a needle/stitch marker/tin set I made using a faux abalone technique.

So many ways to use this medium!! I don't see an end to the ideas that will be rolling out from this. Come in and join us for the fun!!!

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