Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New workshop!

Greetings, Happy Fiberholics!
I have a new workshop I'm developing this week and will offer the beginning of next week called the Bag Dyed T-Shirt Scarf/Necklace. Using a pre-made t-shirt circle scarf, you mix and apply dye to the scarf in a ziploc, allow it to sit overnite, rinse and Voila! a custom handdyed scarf. No knitting, crocheting, wool or fussing. The application of the dye takes all of about 10 minutes and it can be as solid or shaded as you chose to make it.
Inline image 1
After it is dried, if you prefer the "necklace" look, just take a pair of scissors and make cuts toward the seam to create this look.
Inline image 2
And there are so many ways it can be worn. There is no end to the possibilities!!
See you soon!

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