Thursday, October 11, 2007

Favorite Sock Method Survey and Goodies Galore

OK, I have a question for ya'll. What is your favorite method of knitting socks and why is it your favorite? It seems that the "2 at a time on 2 circulars" is generating a lot of interest and I am curious. I've been content to keep plugging along on my handy-dandy, old fashioned double points/top down but I guess I'm going to get drug into some of these new fangled methods whether I like it or not, kicking and screaming. No one seems to care about the "trying to teach an old dog new tricks" adage. Oh, and if anyone wants to coach me on how to work this random generator thang that I keep seeing everyone talking about, I might even enter ya'll into a contest. Let's see.....what would be a good prize?

Now for some "swap gratification" pics.
This is from the Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Swap.

Sorry it is so blurry but this was the only way I could get the true colors. It is from Chris and didn't she peg my favorite colors? Just beautiful. And I just love your blog with your cats! I want to know how to add the captions like you do! What a hoot!

This is from Debbi for the Yarn Junkies 7- Brown Swap.Also hand dyed by Debbi in a colorway she calls "Rolled Golden Wheat". With a coordinating notebook and some very cool, hand made stitch markers.

This is a way awesome package from Wendy for the Prayer Shawl swap.

A beautiful calendar with pictures of the Thames (did I mention she was from across the pond?), a very beautiful and inspirational book, mementos of all the places she knit at which include the sea shore and her lovely garden with various, assorted creatures (it sounds so peaceful and nature oriented), candles, sweets, darling stitch markers, tea and yarn, just to mention some of the goodies. Oh, and this absolutely stunning wrap.

My pictures don't do it justice. It is Tri-aran-angle from Fall 03 in a yummy, heathery blue/green/lavender color. Awesome job, Wendy! I just love it and all the thought that was put into this package. I feel like I was there while you were working on it, thanks to all the "mood" items that you included. Thank you again and I hope the adoption is continuing to move along smoothly.

And here are the long awaited pictures of Bonnie and Abra's Mi-Ki pups. There 2 girls and 1 boy and it sounds like they are all already spoken for. One of the girls even has a tentative name-Aflac. It seems she has a marking on her back that looks like a duck! Can you see it?

Anyway you look at it, they are awefully precious!


FallFeltedBag-Secret Pal said...

Oh what lovely swap packages! Love the "your fav" color yarn, its mine too! ;)
What adorable puppies!!! They are just too precious at that age, hard to believe they do grow up too fast!

Chris said...

I'm glad you like the yarn!! :) You have really received some great goodies lately, haven't you?

Thanks for the kind words re: my blog. To add captions, I just make the caption text smaller, which does involve a little bit of html editing.

I like one sock at a time on two circulards. Two socks at a time just looks like more fussing than I want to deal with! I always knit toe-up because I have big feet and I want to make sure I don't run out of yarn.

Lu said...

I tried two socks on two circs (i will try everything once ;-) but I did not like it. Too fussy. And I do not like circular needles, I prefer dpn's.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! The puppies are so cute!

Dorothy said...

What great packages! And the puppies! I just want to rub them!

twice said...

your Hogwarts socks are done! Please send an address when you get a chance!